MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a technology that provides your MasterCard® or Maestro® card with additional secure code that protects the card from its unauthorized usage during purchase in web-shops, participating in the program.

In order to join the SecureCode technology you have to apply to your bank-issuer. Only you and your bank will know the secure code. Afterwards during each goods or services payment in web-shops, participating in the program, your bank will offer you to insert a secure code. A secure code will be sent by your bank to your self-phone number, registered in the bank. Only after the verification and confirmation of the code a payment operation will be completed. The exploitation of the technology is as simple as inserting a PIN code in ATM.

By inserting a correct SecureCode during the purchase you prove to be an authorized cardholder. In case of incorrect code inserting the operation will not be accomplished. Even if someone knows your card number without SecureCode it will be impossible to complete a purchase operation in web-shops, participating in the program.